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Maximize Operational Efficiency with HazTrack’s Tank Monitoring Solution

HazTrack integrates with your existing systems via custom API’s

Our Product Benefits

Employee Time & Resources

Streamline operations and reduce costs by eliminating the need for unnecessary trips to remote well sites to check tank levels and pump rates. Predict when tanks will empty to prevent stockouts.

Lost Sales Prevention

Avoid weeks of lost sales due to stopped pumps. The HazTracker triggers alerts when a pump malfunctions, allowing you to quickly address the issue and resume pumping. By minimizing downtime, HazTracker helps ensure that you hit your treating targets and provide stable, high quality service to your customers.

Empty Tanks

Prevent frustrated customer calls due to empty tanks with HazTracker. Ensure you always know your tank levels by setting custom alerts to remind you to refill before it's too late. With HazTrack, you will never miss a fill again, providing peace of mind and improved customer satisfaction

Custom Alerts for Pump Issues

Avoid over- or under-treating with HazTrack. Pumps can lose their set point or be adjusted incorrectly, causing issues ranging from emulsion problems to insufficient treatment for scale or paraffin buildup. Our solution ensures that your chemicals are being applied at the correct rate, providing peace of mind

and preventing costly problems.

Integrity Program Assurance

Ensure compliance with target treat rates and give your customers peace of mind. Corrosion, scale, and paraffin inhibitors are designed to work at specific treat rates, and under treating can be just as detrimental as not treating at all. Our solution assures that your integrity programs comply with target treat rates, allowing you to maintain the quality and effectiveness of your chemical programs.

Vehicle Costs - Fuel Maintenance

Limit unnecessary trips to well sites and prolong the life of your vehicle fleet. HazTrack allows you to easily check inventory and pump rates without driving to the site, reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

ESG - Emission Safety

By limiting employee drive time and on-site checks, HazTrack minimizes driving incidents and associated lost time. Additionally, our solution helps you reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions by minimizing unnecessary trips to remote well sites, allowing you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and improve your environmental impact.

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